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Powerful tools for managing hundreds or thousands of locations

Whether you are an agency, a multi-location chain or a reseller of local marketing services, managing multiple locations is not easy. allLocal has changed that with a technology platform built specifically to address the management of hundreds or thousands of local businesses. Our solution makes local listing management and reputation management simple for agencies and multi-location brands. Over 20% of all searches are local in nature and in a majority of cases the top results for these searches are local listings and not websites. We can help you take advantage of this traffic and ensure that you have local listings that are complete, accurate and consistent with your overall brand message.

We make local search and reputation management simple

The allLocal solution is delivered via a SaaS model and a new customer can be up and running in minutes. Every customer receives a dedicated Account Manager and benefits from an aggressive feature roadmap that ensures that allLocal customers are always at the forefront of local search.

Online reporting and management tools

Access our online application to get detailed performance, status and reputation reports. You can easily create reports for a single location, all locations in your account or any custom group of locations.

Demo: Create a performance report, review summary report and schedule a report for recurring email delivery [2:50]

Data aggregator distribution

We work directly with the top three data aggregators: Acxiom, Infogroup and Localeze. The locations you manage in allLocal are automatically distributed to all three of the providers so that you have complete and accurate data across the hundreds of local search sites, GPS databases and directory services powered by them. Through these three distribution points your data will reach over 98% of the local market.

Google listing verification

A verified listing in Google allows more information to be added your listing and you gain have much more control over it. In many cases, it will also rank better as well. As part of the allLocal solution, we create and manage Google Places feeds for your business and work with you to ensure they are verified.

Review management and analysis

Online reputation matters. Customers use online reviews to make purchasing decisions and brands can use them to monitor the performance of specific store locations. A positive brand reputation can quickly be lost at the local level if negative reviews start to build up. The allLocal reputation management tools allows you to discover, analyze and respond to online reviews about your business locations.

Demo: Explore local reviews, comment back on a review and setup a new review alert [2:16]

Listing monitoring

Understanding the status of a single listing can be time consuming, never mind thousands. With allLocal listing monitoring, we automatically monitor the status of all your managed locations and can provide reports or alerts based on this data.

Multi-location data management customized to your business

Managing thousands of location is easy with allLocal. The system provides robust feed management capabilities and simple UI based bulk edits. In addition, customized data can be added to any location in the system for reporting and grouping data.

Demo: Import and export data to allLocal using the powerful feed processing capabilites of the system [2:50]

Data quality

The accuracy of address data we see in the local space is often shockingly poor. Not only can this lead to a poor user experience but it also impacts ranking as citations are often based on address matching. As part of the allLocal data management process we use a USPS certified partner to validate and normalize every address added to the system. This ensures that clean and normalized data is then distributed out into the local ecosystem.

Rich user management

Any allLocal account can have a virtually unlimited number of users. To meet the needs of a large customer who may have distributed data management or data access needs, we provide a rich set of user customizations including access to defined subset of locations within the overall account and varying access and edit privileges.

Even more coming soon

Customers of allLocal benefit from an innovate roadmap that places them at the forefront of the local market. Our mission is to make allLocal the hub of the local online adversing ecosystem.

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