Local Search Learning Center

Tips, references and statistics about local search marketing

Local online marketing matters. Over 3 billions local searches are done each month. Taking advantage of this opportunity can be a bit overwhelming though. The local market is fragmented and constantly evolving. The local learning center includes information compiled by allLocal to help you educate yourself on the local search market.

Local Search Tutorial

The opportunity in local search is real and your business needs to take advantage of it. If you want to do it yourself or just want to understand more about the local online marketing space, check out our local tutorial

Local Search FAQs

There are lots of questions about local search marketing, what works and how it works. Check out our FAQs to see our take on some of those questions and get links to external sources that may support, or in some cases, counter our views.

Local Search Stats

Lots of numbers are thrown around about the size and growth of the local search market. Our local stats page complies some of the authoritative sources of information in once place to help you sort through it all.

The allLocal Blog

The Local, the allLocal blog, offers up-to-date commentary and news on the local search marketing and local advertising space.
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