Local Search Statistics

Some keys stats about local search and online advertising

Lots of different data about the local search market exists in lots of different places. What we have done here is compile the latest and most authoritative sources of information specifically related to the size of the market and the growth in the market.

Over 3.2 billion local searches were done in the US during June of 2010
This number is based on the June comScore overall search numbers and statements by both Google and Yahoo! that approximately 20% of all searches have local intent. We just took the 16.4 billion US searches and multiplied by the 20% that are local. It is actually 3.28 billion, but feel free to check our math :)
quote One out of five searches on Google are related to location quote
source: Google
quote About 20 percent of online searches have a local intent, where users are looking for businesses, organizations, events, and other information in a specific geographic area. quote
source: Yahoo!
quote Americans conducted 16.4 billion searches in June 2010, up 3 percent from May 2010. quote
source: comScore
A computer or mobile phone is the primary source of local information
The TMP Local Search Study (registration required) has lots of good data on local search and local search trends including offline versus online usage trends.
quote An online or mobile source is the primary source of local information for over 70% of all respondents and over 80% of respondents under age 35. quote
Internet advertising totaled $22.7 billion in 2009
The IAB releases annual and quarterly internet advertising revenue reports. Search continues to be the dominate form of internet advertising.
quote Search remains the largest online advertising revenue format, accounting for 47 percent of 2009 revenues, up from the 45 percent reported in 2008. Search revenues totaled $10.7 billion for the year. quote
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