Our Fair Pricing Policy

Always know what you are paying for

We currently provide local marketing solutions for enterprise customers with 50 or more locations. We will be launching our small business solution in the near future. You can read more about the program and features here or signup to take part in our beta program.
Let's be honest, the local search marketing industry does not have the best reputation in the world. The industry is riddled with products that over-promise, are over-priced -- or both. At allLocal our goal is to earn your trust by providing simple tools that deliver the most value. As part of this commitment we have developed a Fair Pricing Policy that outlines exactly what you can expect when working with allLocal.

Low minimum spend requirements and no setup fee for most accounts

For customers who wish to use Paid Search or Facebook advertising, there is a low minimum monthly budget requirement. Accounts that meet the current minimum budget do not pay any setup fee.

We have established a minimum because there are fixed costs associated with setting up a new account. As a business, we need to ensure those costs are covered. We hope to be able to continually lower the minimums over time.

Management fee disclosure

A portion of your budget is used as a 'management fee' to cover the costs of maintaining and optimizing your account. This management fee will be disclosed to you in plain language BEFORE you signup for any product or change your existing budget.

Don't pay for a click that we don't pay for

We don't charge for clicks that are delivered through 'organic' channels that allLocal does not incur a charge for. For example, if a user clicks on your paid search ad in Google, your account will be charged for this click but if a user clicks on the allLocal listing page for your business or your organic local listing then your account will not be charged for the click.

No long-term contracts

All small business marketing agreements with allLocal are month-to-month. We don't require you to signup for an extended contract in order to receive our best pricing.


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