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We currently provide local marketing solutions for enterprise customers with 50 or more locations. We will be launching our small business solution in the near future. You can read more about the program and features here or signup to take part in our beta program.

Our products are built to be simple to use but powerful in their capabilities. We believe that good technology removes complexity and never adds it. This philosophy drives every feature of every product we create.

Local online marketing is a complex problem in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Technology and opportunity have come together to drive the proliferation of local search sites, online reviews and a huge number of advertising opportunities for the small business owner. In a market as complex and changing as this, a trusted partner is needed. We want to be that partner and we are building the technology that will allow us to earn that trust by providing the best value in the industry.

Local Listing Management

There are over 3 billion local searches done each month. In a majority of cases, the top results for these searches are local listings and are not websites. In the following example we search for 'marketing in St. Charles IL' and the top 7 results on Google are local listings and not websites. Only after this '7 pack' do you see the first website:

Google example

Ensuring that your local business has accurate and complete local listings across all the local search sites is the first step in successful local online marketing. With allLocal you will be able to reach over 98% of this market from a single source. Create and manage your local listing with us and our technology and partnerships will ensure the listing is added to the all the major local search sites, GPS databases and directory service databases.

Reputation Management

Nearly every major local search site now allows users to create a review of any local business. Some businesses, including Yelp, were built entirely on the premise of having more and better local business reviews. As the number of reviews have increased, the importance of those reviews to the local buying process has increased. No longer is just having a top local listing sufficient. You now need to monitor and manage your online reviews so that the potential customers finding your local listing are persuaded to pick up the phone or walk through door based on the quality of those reviews.

SMB Reviews Example

Local Paid Search Advertising

A great local listing is always going to provide the best ROI, but even the best local listing is not going to reach all of the customers who could be interested in your business. Local paid search allows you to reach a broader audience and in very controlled and targeted manner. Through a selection of keywords, geography and other parameters you can ensure your ads are only shown to an audience that is likely to buy...and you only pay when they click on your ad. However, any budget allocated to paid search needs to be carefully monitored and optimized to ensure the best results. This is where the allLocal technology steps in and provides us with an efficient and quantitative measure of success to give you the best ROI for your ad spend.

Local Facebook Advertising

Facebook has over 150 million users in the United States and presents a new opportunity for local businesses. While a Facebook user is not explicitly using the site to purchase or learn about a product or service (where as with Google and other search engines, the user is explicitly asking for something) the targeting capabilities combined with the mass market reach allow a local business to effectively 'push' a message to local audience in a very targeted manner. The demographics and usage patterns of Facebook make it a great opportunity for some businesses but other business categories have shown very poor results. We can help you understand if your business is likely to succeed with Facebook advertising and, if so, our technology will make it simple and effective for you.


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